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Cute platformer game that tells the story of a squirrel searching for the marvelous golden acorn!

The game was created during the Festival of Art and Independant Games (LAG) in Ostrava, 2017.

Impossible Squirrel of the Deep has won "BEST SCENEARIO REWARD" during the festivals finale.

During five days of a Game Jam small teams had to create games based on titles randomly generated on the internet.

Teams were separated via colours.

Patrycja Bobrowicz
Maria M Bochnak
Jakub Bońdos
Šimon Borš
Adam Dyrszka
Artur Kandziora
Grzegorz Palian
Emilia Pierchała
Eliška Tunklová
Igor Zych

NOTE: This game is not a Wicked Shapes creation. Two members of Wicked Shapes were a part of Team White during the Game Jam.

Install instructions

Download the zip file -> extract -> ready to play


The.Impossible.Squirrel.of.the.Deep.v1.3.0.zip 86 MB

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